Match Your Marketing to Your Business Goals

Look, we get it! There are a gazillion marketing vendors out there. They are calling you, emailing you and maybe even stalking you while you search the internet. The problem is, with marketing, there are associated costs, so while you may think these vendors can help, it’s important to understand how their solutions can benefit your business before you say yes.

If you want to outsource your marketing department to us, then you won’t need to worry about these issues. We handle all marketing vendors, evaluate what they offer, and make recommendations to you on whether we think their product may impact your goals.

If you are still trying to figure out the right solution for your business, here are some tell-tale signs of what to look out for when deciding if a strategy fits or a vendor’s product is worth the expense:

1. Marketing vendors from different companies do not speak to one another – we cannot stress enough how important it is to streamline your marketing and ensure it’s consistent. We’ve had many experiences where one vendor didn’t know what the other was doing and not only were they duplicating services but hindering the performance of another. This can happen because of the way things work on the web. Google has specific requirements, as do social media platforms, so it’s important to weave these requirements into your marketing solutions.

2. Make sure you aren’t just checking a box – we know you are busy with your own work and evaluating never-ending options from marketing vendors can be draining and difficult. Sometimes the path of least resistance is just saying yes. However, marketing costs money and although a vendor may think they have a good solution for your business, they may not. Carefully evaluate how all your marketing tactics can work together to help you achieve your business goals. Successful and smart marketing strategy can lead to growth and retention of customers.

3. Connect the dots – Did you know that many Google advertising strategies work with one another to strengthen your online presence? Or that running advertising through multiple channels with specific messaging at various times of year may be more impactful? There are a ton of marketing channels out there and you will be your most successful if you connect them with one another to reach people in a variety of ways with your messages.

Talk to CreateHealth about how our marketing agency can help you grow while helping you save money on marketing expenses. We can advise on the right strategies and handle all your marketing needs.